Execution of asphalt rail travel gantry cranes of the terminals of two beta companies in Shahid Rajaei port

بزرگ کردن قلم برگشت به حالت عادی قلم کوچک کردن قلم چاپ صفحه ارسال به دوستان
Execution of asphalt rail travel gantry cranes of the terminals of two beta companies in Shahid Rajaei port

The operation of asphalt rail travel gantry of unloading and loading cranes in the terminal of two ports of Shahid Rajaei was completed in less than a week.

According to the public relations unit, the director of the Beta Marine and Port Services Development Company of Hormozgan region stated that the purpose of this project is to protect the equipment and infrastructure of Terminal 2 of Shahid Rajaei port and said: in this project, first all rail retaining screws according to the relevant wrenching standard And was torpedoed, and then the 1,800-meter-long Gantry Crane rail route from the beginning of Pier 21 to the end of Pier 24 was asphalted.

Mehdi Ghaem Maghami, appreciating the cooperation and assistance of Hormozgan Ports and Maritime Administration and the technical engineering and operational units of Beta Company, added: "In this operation, there was no disruption or interruption in the mooring and unloading program of the vessels."

He mentioned the reduction of depreciation of equipment located in the container terminal, accelerating the process of unloading and loading ships and improving the safety of the work environment of the people stationed at the foot of the wharf as other goals of this project.

The director of Hormozgan district added: in this project, in order to complete the infrastructure operations, the gantry cranes of 11 to 18 installation holes in the place of storm locks, tidans and other installation holes were covered and sealed.

It should be noted that this project was implemented at a cost of 200 million tomans.

It should be noted that Beta Company has a nominal capacity of unloading and loading 1.7 million TEU containers per year in the terminal of Shahid Rajaei port with 8 gantry cranes.

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